About Us

2M law Firm was established in 2017 for the purpose of providing high quality litigation, Corporate Governance, Auditing ,tax and arbitration services. Driven by the enthusiasm of its youth and the experiences of its partners in the field of corporate governance and support for projects and start-ups to reach its goal to become a reliable counsel and one of the top ten law firms in Egypt which local and international clients can trust and turn on for appreciated legal advice. We provide consultations and legal services for companies, banks, non-banking financial, institutions, corporations , and gradually to individuals, locally and internationally by using the latest scientific and technological methods. Achieving clients satisfaction and goals is our way for continuation, evaluation and achieving our purposes.

Our mission

to be able to readily co-ordinate efforts and share knowledge across multiple jurisdictions. Ensure the high quality and commitment of our lawyers and staff. By developing expertise in a broad spectrum of legal fields. The firm strives to achieve a personalized and effective service to its client. The responsibility We have a responsibility to provide the highest quality of professional service responsively to our clients. We also have a responsibility towards the wellbeing of our employees and the wider communities in which we operate.

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Companies Association & procedures

Association of companies (joint stock, limited liability, partnership, limited partnership, etc.)

Conducting other related corporate procedural services (e.g. drafting and registration of bilingual BOD, egm,agm etc.)
Executing sales of shares, mergers, swapping and restructuring procedures, etc.


Handling cases before all courts in Egypt including: courts of cassation, administration, international courts, and economic courts

Nationality and visa

provides expedited and professional Visa services for all Egyptians and foreigners living in Egypt.Since 2019, 2m law firm has provided Expedited visa services and passport solutions to enable foreigners living in Egypt to apply for visas to stay in egypt.

Contract Drafting

The team offers efficient contract management and drafting in a manner that the contract is tailor made for the clients needs and requirements. The lawyers get involved from the stage of drafting, amending ending up with the signature of the contract and then the follow up on the contract implementation with its various clauses and stages. Drafting of service agreements, joint venture agreements, finance agreements, hotel management, concessions, licenses, construction, leases, manufacturing, sales of shares agreements, supply agreements, and employment agreements.

Legal Opinions

The firm provides its clients with the highest level of consultancy services and written Legal opnions through its global network of law firms and consultants across the Middle East, Europe and the US. -Legal Translation Providing accurate, reliable, and certified translations to our clients in bilingual forms (Arabic & En)

Employment & Labour Law

Labor laws of both public and private sectors.

Preparation and certification of the internal labor regulations.
Structuring institutions and human resources.

Family law & Custody.

  • Foreigners Marriage and divorce in Egypt


As a preventive action for risks and damages and to improve safety level, we provide the related legal consultations:
Compulsory insurance such as engineering insurance and car insurance. Non compulsory insurance such as property insurance, movable property insurance,marine insurance, land transport insurance, air transport insurance, intellectual property insurance etc..

Taxes & financial consultancy

Our experts’ abilities allow us to draw an effective working structure for the companies from a tax perspective, and dealing tax disputes with the competent authorities when such disputes are arisen.

  • Stock Markets
  • Project Finance
  • Savings & Investment Funds
  • Structuring of Insolvent Projects
  • Capital Markets & Debentures (Bonds)
  • Financial Leasing
  • Assets Finance

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